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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Councillor Curran quote
Posted by: Paul Corcoran
Date/Time: 23/11/14 09:21:00

Seems to me a fairly unambiguous quote - Cllr Curran knows that a FoI request could easily be used to show that there were discussions ongoing about fortnightly collections so he isn't going make this statement if it wasn't true.

Ealing are rushing through fortnightly collections in the hope that by the time the 2018 elections comes along people will have got used to it. Any administration implementing fortnightly collections within a year of an election is going to get kicked out so Hounslow would need to make an announcement soon to avoid that. The fact that they seem to be ruling it out gives cause for optimism.

And just think how people on the Glebe Estate would react to the news that they would need to have not one, but two wheelie bins!

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