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Topic: Re:Carlton Road Day Centre Consultation
Posted by: Gary Malcolm
Date/Time: 15/11/14 19:59:00

Given the apparent waste with which the Council want to consult (and then close) the Day Centre it will be imperative to get more awareness of the issue and also more signatures.

We have collected about 600 in total (on line and by knocking on doors). The link is here:

Please spread the link can you.

To remind you of some of the details about why it will be bad to shut the Carlton Road Day Centre:

1. All users will be given personalised budgets but some of the carers who already have these say they are a nightmare to set up.

2. The new budgets are insufficient and do not match the needs, certainly not what they currently get from attending the Carlton Road Day Centre.

3. Many users have developed friendships with each other over time. These will be lost if the centre closes given the location and nature of the users.

4. Routine is important to these users, and all of their current routines will change. These users are some of the most in need users across the borough and so they would be hit very hard.

Thank you,
Cllr Gary Malcolm

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