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Topic: Re:Carlton Road Day Centre Consultation
Posted by: Andrew Steed
Date/Time: 14/11/14 14:56:00

The meeting was held at Ealing Town Hall to discuss a 'proposal to close Carlton Road'. I suspect partly because the notification was made on Tuesday, and people only received letters on Wednesday there were only 23 people present, a number which included at least 5 council staff. So that is the first issue I would have, poor communication. In mitigation there is another meeting next Tuesday.

This is especially the case as the site has been listed for sale for some time and with my fellow councillors we were informing people in the elections last May. I am not sure why suddenly there seems to be this unseemly rush, the proposed date for closure is May 2015.

So the Council are going through the process and other meetings will be taking place and there is the promise of 1:1 meetings so that all cases can be looked at individually.

We were told that there would be a saving of 180k, which I assumed was on an annual basis. But no, it is a one off saving. The closure only makes sense in the context of the sale of the site for a figure of some million-I can not disclose the figure which the Council hope to make.

There are currently 32 'customers' but these all have severe problems. Most of them have been attending the Day Centre for many years and have built relationships with fellow users and the staff. All the staff have been told that the jobs are at risk.

One of the members of staff said they saw our leaflets about the possible closure last May and thought we were playing politics. Sadly that was not the case and although this is called a proposal and the presentation talks of consultation, no one at the meeting was under any illusion as to what this means for the people who use the centre, their relations or carers.

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