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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Wheelie Bins on Radio now
Posted by: Paul Phillips
Date/Time: 14/11/14 21:44:00

Hi Jim,

I am that Hounslow resident caller and am taking an interest in this wheelie bin discussion/debate/diktat. As a former resident of Isleworth living in a terraced house there and a member of the Brentford forum and seeing the discussion about wheelie bins on there, I do think it is disgraceful that all of this is being implemented without any serious consultation with the residents concerned. BUT it did get my goat a bit that this didn't make any headlines until the more affluent part of our borough got their knickers in a twist about this. Personally I would like the money being spent on this scheme being spent on policing/educating (though I think with some people educating is a waste of effort) the litter problems in this borough, though I doubt any thing so practical will ever happen.

As for the "shortcomings to the west of the Borough are causing unnecessary inflictions in Chiswick?" comment, when I worked on the street cleaning team the rest of the borough suffered so that Chiswick could be kept as spotless as possible. Areas like Heston, central Hounslow were/are awful places to keep clean, so have a thought for that person with the green bag and litter picker ambling around trying their best to keep your streets clean whilst being paid just above minimum wage and getting grief for not being quick enough/conscientious enough etc 

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