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Topic: Ealing Cuts
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 14/11/14 20:51:00

Re the story on the front page of the forum about Ealing council making redundancies - well, I feel sorry for the undoubtedly hard-working people who may be made redundant (although when I had a broken leg and was pretty helpless some years ago they sent two people round who could barely speak any English at all and I think only knew I had a broken leg as I was lying in bed with a huge plaster but who with difficulty managed to say - yes, you can have whatever you need - only for someone else from the Council to call me to tell me I could have nothing, so not very impressed with my experiences of their 'help'). 

But in an era of austerity, shouldn't they be looking at things like the very high pay of the senior people at the council - if they earned less, there could be more money to spread to the lower ranks of the council.

And although this may seem trivial I love flowerbeds, they maintain some with more expensive plants than I could afford, replaced every month or two - see the huge flowerbed near Rugby Road. The many ward forums in the borough get around 40 k a year to spend at their discretion - as I have posted on here before I think that money is very badly spent - they are now planning to put even more 'furniture' into our tiny local playing field which has been 'improved' to death by them - and they seem clueless at ward forum meetings on what to spend it on unless it is on a vanity project they have already decided in advance - and no amount of dissent at the ward forum meetings changes their minds. 

And, as per a recent post I made, , Ealing wants our views on how to spend many thousands of pounds on converting spaces into 'nice areas'.

The profligate councils need reining in, in my opinion. They need to justify every penny, which at the moment they are not. Their spending and priorities are a shambles and they really are totally all at sea on how to spend the precious money they are given and it really needs sorting. This could be a good first step.

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