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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 08/11/14 12:43:00

Hi Viv, Yes, the surgery was for cataracts in both eyes.You really don't realise how bad you vision is getting until the cataract completely covers the lens, but by then, it's like looking at everything through thick fog.I am afraid I can't remember which lenses I chose, but there was an awful lot available. I do now have to wear reading glasses, but not for distance.The new lenses that you can now get where you don't need glasses were not available when my eyes were done, but if they had been, I'd have gone for those.The difference in vision when they first took the dressing off was amazing.Everything looked so bright and colours were really vivid.The world looked fantastic.I had to put drops in the eyes for a couple of weeks, but there was no pain at all.Not even any discomfort.Theveye was slightly red for a couple of days, but that was it.Unfortunately, I got macular oedema in my right eye.That was nothing to do with the surgery, it was a complication of diabetes.It took about a year to completely clear.If you are considering cataract surgery, I would suggest you contact the surgeon that did my eyes.She was absolutely fantastic.She will take you through all your options and explain everything to you.Her name is Veronics Ferguson, and she is at the Edward VII hospital in Marylebone.She is the Queens opthalmolgist so she comes highly recommended.

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