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Topic: The Lamborghini Socialist
Posted by: Leslie Wilson
Date/Time: 07/11/14 15:40:00

For Russell Brand, it seems being a self-styled anti-capitalist revolutionary really does pay the bills.

The left-wing comedian's new Revolution book has enjoyed monumental sales - earning the star and his publishers a staggering £230,000 in just 11 days.

The sales figures may further fuel his reputation as 'a champagne socialist' - a label he was given by Twitter users after ducking out of left-wing demonstrations in London on Wednesday night to head to an exclusive celebrity-packed West End party.

It is published by Century Publishing, whose owners Pearson PLC are the largest education company and book publisher in the world - and owners of the Financial Times.

The star also came under criticism recently when it emerged that his film project is being backed by bankers.

t was revealed that Mayfair Film Partnership had raised nearly £1 million from wealthy capitalists including investment bankers and Premier League footballer Wes Brown to make the documentary about Brand.

Investors were enticed with generous tax breaks to support the film, portraying Brand, 39, as a ‘troubled visionary’ seeking to change the world.

He has previously called for an 'orgy of banker bashing'.

Talking about the financial crisis he added: 'When looking for the culprits look for the people who have got loads of bonuses and loads of money, they're the people that are criminal, they're the people that need to be prosecuted.'

And in his book, Revolution, he calls for the abolition of debt and states saying: 'When people say, "the system works" they mean "the system works for me." The slags.'

He has previously declared on Newsnight: ‘David Cameron says profit isn’t a dirty word. Well I say profit is a filthy word.’

These trenchant positions appear at odds with his use of venture capital to finance the upcoming film as well as the hefty sum he will pocket from book sales.

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