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Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 07/11/14 11:34:00

What I completely fail to understand is the role of parents in all these cases. Examples:

This headmaster who covered it all up. He wrote to the parents at the time (early 70s I think) and asked them to say nothing, to avoid the reputation of the school being trashed. And apparently they agreed to that. WTF????

Catholic Priests. In far too many cases, parents were threatened with excommunication if they went to the police or told anyone outside the Bishop's office about the assaults. And apparently many of them agreed.

Rochdale and the grooming and pimping of young teenage girls over many years. I have read several accounts and heard a number the parents being interviewed on the radio, with a common tale of "well, my 13 year old daughter was always out all night at weekends but I didn't know where she was going, and, well, what can you do?" WTF..??????

And Jimmy Savile and all the 70's DJs and so on - if they were assaulting and raping teenage girls in the Top of the Pops dressing rooms and hospitals and all over the country by the of it, where were all the fathers screaming and shouting and banging on the doors of the police stations? Surely some of those girls must have come home from broadcasting house and mentioned that they had been raped by Jimmy Savile? And surely at least a few of those parents might have been inclined to register come complaints about it?

I just can't figure out the mystery of the parents who said nothing in all these hundreds of cases.

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