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Topic: Street Sweeping
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 06/11/14 13:38:00

Well now I think I have heard it all.

One chap sitting in cab of flat back lorry with one using a shovel to pick up the leaves and toss them in the back - street barely cleaned and already full.

Stopped to chat with the worker and asked why Hounslow did not have the proper equipment to clean the streets properly.  He was perfectly polite and told me his instructions were to clear the pavement and then to clear only a shovel's width along the gully and leave the rest.  The street in questions has a good deal of compost under the cars but this is how Hounslow Highways are clearing our streets.

Hounslow used to have a group of sweepers and proper machines and the streets were properly swept but these new cheapskates think it OK for one or two people to manually shovel leaves from road level to shoulder level - I can envisage some employer's liability claims arising out of this practice.

What next?

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