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Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 04/11/14 18:50:00

Richard a friend of mind challenged a parking fine for overstaying at a MacDonald's car park near Heathrow Airport. there wasn’t any written reference to a parking limit visible  inside the restaurant (although there was outside in the car park)and as he is a disabled driver and was driving a mobility Vehicle which allows him to park in most cases for three hours' he thought he would be OK

He went over the two hour limit because as he was about to leave friends of his  turned up and he stayed to have a chat with them. He first phoned the parking company who advised him to send copies of all relevant documentation  to them.

He sent letters to the company that issued the fine and to the head office of McDonald’s themselves, McDonald’s were the first to reply with a really wonderful letter stating that the fine had been canceled because at know time was it their intention to fine their genuine customers from parking in the car park while using the restaurant how ever long they stay

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