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Posted by: Trudie Fuller
Date/Time: 03/11/14 09:41:00

Housing our own population around centres of employment seems a pretty basic concept and should take priority over building thousands of sky-high boxes for the overseas investor to grow their money and charge exorbitant rents.

The thousand of acres of brownfield land must be used for affordable, FAMILY homes built with sufficient storage space for a family's clothes, books, cleaning materials, laundry, and outside spaces for children to play.   So much of what is being built today offers no storage space for anything other than a weekend suitcase of clothing.  Affordable housing doesn't have to be ugly and cramped.  It shouldn't be!

Would it be feasible for each city to put a cap on the acreage that is available for new build, high end flats/properties and allocate a slightly larger acreage purely for new build, affordable houses? Money, money, money!!!  but there must be a way to sort this out.

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