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Topic: Re:Ealing Needs Help to Spend its Money
Posted by: Gary Malcolm
Date/Time: 02/11/14 01:45:00


I saw this post and thought it useful to post some information about the issues you have raised.

1. I am glad you agree that the Carlton Road Day Centre should not be closed like other local day centres. Have you signed the petition? If not please sign up here:

If you have please encourage others to raise as many petition signatures as possible.

2. Funding for projects - the Council only allows about 35k of funding for projects each year and the idea is that through consultation, discussion that this money goes on a number of local (ward based) projects. The 625k project is not funded from ward forum budgets but from a central Ealing budget. In Southfield we raised this issue to see if there was any ideas for any suitable project but so far none exist.

I think your views are v cynical as we have not spend or proposed any vanity projects, only ones that people have either suggested or ones that people actually benefit from. Simple. If a good idea is suggested and it can be funded from the ward forum then it stands a good chance of being implemented.

Thank you,
Cllr Gary Malcolm (

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