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Topic: Ealing Needs Help to Spend its Money
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 01/11/14 15:09:00

Ealing seems to have money to spend and doesn't know what to do with it - any suggestions?  My favourite would be, if we could find a space like St Albans Church to refurbish,  to fund some events for the elderly to replace what Hounslow has snatched away by selling off the day centres and Ealing may do by selling the Carlton Road Day Centre site which I understand is mooted.

I find it iniquitous that the councils plead poverty but then give grants like the one below and to the ward forums who then plead at meetings for ideas on what to spend it on,  and usually end up spending it on vanity projects that are visible to the community so the councillors can brag about all they have done in their newsletters in order to collar more votes, while the really needy suffer in silence as helping them is not so visible.

See below.

What is Transform Your Space all about?

Ealing Council has allocated £625,000 for Improvements to any under-used or redundant spaces that can be changed into inspiring places for local people to use and enjoy.

What kind of projects can I propose?

Think about your area. What could really make a difference? A project proposal can be on either public or private land within the borough of Ealing and ideas might include:

• ◦creating new green spaces

• ◦redesigning an area of land

• ◦opening up a space for outdoor dining

• ◦giving an area a make-over to make it suitable for small community events

Don’t be restricted by these ideas, think BIG and think creatively.

Who can propose projects?

Anyone can suggest ideas.

How do I propose a project for funding?

- Upload your project idea by going to and then click on Create a new project.

- You will need to register and follow the simple instructions and include the letters “TYS” in the introduction to your project idea.

- Explain why you think it’s a great idea.

- Get support from other people who live in or who might use this area.

People can show their support in a range of ways – ask people to “follow” your project idea on the Space Hive site or leave comments on Spacehive if they have a Facebook Account.

Another way they can comment is to email and put the project title in the subject line.

All project ideas must be uploaded by midnight of 30 November 2014.

How will the successful project ideas be decided?
Project ideas that are successful as part of Transform Your Space will be announced in early Spring.

The council are looking for three locations and will decide the successful projects using a number of criteria. Key things to bear in mind to improve your chances of success are:

- the idea must show how the project will make a real difference in the area

- there must be strong support from other people

- the transformed space should present opportunities for local people to get involved

- project ideas must be affordable and feasible – for example, would the landowners grant permission if it is private land

- the proposal should include innovative ideas about how to look after the transformed space

What happens if my project is not funded by Transform Your Space?

Don’t give up. You can still make your idea happen.

Through crowdfunding - your project will already be on Spacehive (an independent, national crowdfunding platform for civic projects  that can help find other match-funding partners to help your campaign). Local businesses always pledge to successful crowdfunding campaigns so you should try them as well. And of course, your friends, family, networks and those who supported your project before you started crowdfunding should be your first port of call when you do start.

You will also receive feedback from the council who will signpost you to other sources of help on getting local projects up and running and funded – including your own ward forum!

And,of course, you can use Bubble.

More Help?

There’s help to upload projects on  - click on Find out how it works

If you have any questions please contact

Kind regards,

Neighbourhood Governance Team
5th Floor Perceval House
14-16 Uxbridge Road
W5 2HL

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