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Topic: military air plane activity
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 30/10/14 22:00:00

I thought on flightradar24 military aircraft did not broadcast in general. On the back of yesterdays incident it was picked up by myself on flightradar24 last week 2 us military jets appearing. I did a screen grab of the 2 US F-15s which took off from RAF Lakenheath and i tracked them going very fast towards Wales and then after doing some also pretty fast air manoeuvres headed both straight back to the Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire borders before crossing directly over Cambridge and near Stansted Airport. As they got below Cambridge the call sign would disappear on and off before coming back as they returned back at RAF Lakenheath.

This maybe was an exercise but by the US rather than RAF fighters. A bit strange as it was the route taken and then to approach Stansted while call sign would then break up and then come back for return to Lakenheath.

My question i suppose for the aviation enthusiasts is why all of a sudden Military plane activity is showing up on flightradar.

I have put 2 partial screen grabs below of the US f-15s call signs JUNGLE21 and DARK61 i took.

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