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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Chiswick car crash  (The Lyons Teashop on that site))
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 30/10/14 11:30:00

Jim, it wasn't too bad, all we had to do was take the dirty crocks out of the lift, clear any waste food into a pig swill bin (recycling even in those days) then load everything into a steel cage which was then fed into the mouth of the huge washing machine.After that, it was just a case of taking the crates out at the other end.polishing the clean glasses and plates and sending them back down to the shop floor.The summer was the worst time, it got really hot in that wash room and we were kept constantly supplied with cold drinks.We did get treated very well.When we got to work in the morning, we were asked what we wanted for lunch.This would be sent up to us on the lift at exactly 13:00 and someone would ring up and let us know it was coming so we didn't throw it in the swill bin.I seem to remember the pay for an 8 hour day was 5/-which was an incredible amount for a schoolboy to earn.There was also the added bonus having Burtons tailors next door.They had a flat roof that we would sunbathe on when things were quiet

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