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Topic: Re:Chiswick car crash
Posted by: Jim Lawes
Date/Time: 29/10/14 19:44:00

Julian has created an interesting could lead anywhere! He let us know about the Chiswick car crash image appearing on the Auctioneer's (Warwick and Warwick) twitter feed...and looking at that entry it states that the event took place in 1911.  That's a good start as George V's Coronation was that year in June and so the bunting and rondal thing is appropriate.

We've been highlighting the addresses on north side of Chiswick High Road and Number 344 has been pointed out ..and to the right numbers 342 (the Shirt Cleaners) and the odd building next door at 344.
Here is a directory entry for 1911....and it seems that 338 was a outrageous!
1911: Chiswick High Road

Doing a Google Search on the Gwynnes Car Factory in Chiswick I think it said somewhere that they didn't start production till the 1920s. So is it another make of car?

Julian's picture and thnks to him.

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