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Topic: Re:Re:Burglary last night
Posted by: Samantha Bonsignore
Date/Time: 30/10/14 09:39:00

Hi Ben

We got burgled whilst we slept last month. They didn't come upstairs. They came through the window which had definitely been locked until earlier the week of the burglary. We had workmen in and I can't help but feel they unlocked the windows and left it unlock, whether to then alert someone to the fact or just bad luck someone else came along and tried their luck. They knew where to look..... The police were good but didn't catch anyone. My oyster card was used and tfl didn't stop it immediately so if the same happened to you that may help track someone. I am being philosophical about it all and thanking my lucky stars we were not hurt etc. the rest are things. In our case the insurers were v good and have replaced or given me money at current value but I needed to show evidence of ownership of everything. We have had a super duper alarm system installed. Sorry to hear this happened.

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