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Topic: Dental Implants
Posted by: Trudie Fuller
Date/Time: 28/10/14 14:27:00

My niece has an abscess under a back tooth, currently being treated with anti-biotics but the tooth will have to be removed eventually.  She's going to need an implant but is very confused by two widely differing quotes.

Her own dentist has recommended a dental implant specialist who has quoted over 3,000.  This specialist uses the longer system of removing the tooth and waiting for the bone to entirely heal, before drilling and inserting the implant and then the tooth crown.

In the same town there is another implant specialist who uses the quicker method of removing the bad tooth and immediately positioning the implant into the hole in the bone, and then affixing the tooth crown - his price is 1000.  That's some big difference!

On 24 March 2014, Larry Miller posted a message saying he had an implant for about 1000 using this quick system.  Larry are you still checking into this Forum and can you advise how successful your treatment has been?

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