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Topic: Chiswick First Impressions
Posted by: Tony Buchanan
Date/Time: 27/10/14 11:36:00

1.Leafy with a village feel.People are very pleasant.

2.Very middle class.Passed through Morrisons in Acton and the contrast in Acton is stunning.The High Street there has a long way to go.Sadly not very appealing.

3.Chiswick is better than Fulham and Wimbledon because of the quality shops and more space.Fulham has some awful high rise Council blocks and terrible run down roads eg North End Road and Wandsworth Bridge Road.

4.Restaurants.High standard.

Although La Valentina was disappointing on my first visit.Staff were not very attentive.Vegetable soup was oily and tasteless.Tinned soup would have been better.Goat cheese with spinach starter was ok.It's trying to imitate Carluccio's.
Packhorse pub Thai Restaurant.Brilliant.Pub is great also.Green or red curry was superb.This place beats The Churchill in Kensington Church Street and you have so much space and comfort to enjoy your tucker.
I prefer a restaurant where there are no screaming kids and I guess a quality pub does not attract so many parents.La Valentina was like a creche and this also to applies to Waterstones where some children were just left to run riot.I think that too much of the ground floor space is a children's section.People want to leaf through their books in peace.I'm getting old !
Dentists.No NHS surgeries  seem to want open on a Saturday.
Dustbins.The side streets lack bins and anti dog fouling notices which doesn't help the litter problem.
New Residential development.Unfortunately we already have a blue glasshouse carbuncle and anything else within reason will be an improvment to the current eyesore.Do these architects never learn to think outside a glass box?This end of Chiswick High Road is very drab but IMHO it is the best end becuase of the beautiful Church view.Thank God for the Packhorse,CP Hart and a large firm of lawyers.If the new development does genuinely include a good number of affordable housing we should possibly not object.The tower residents will be allowed to have parking paermits.In Camden a developer created a poor door entrance for the affordable housing section.We do not want that.Key workers need homes.I will have to check the plans and the external materials colouring cladding must be high quality.A section 106 agreement needs to be granted giving something back to the community eg a gym and not just a mini round about.There is too much wasted space next to Sainsburys eg a small walled car park next to the pub and I anticpate this problem will not go way since developers are so hungry.
Coffee Shop in Chiswick Park Stn.The lease has been forfeited which is a shame since we need a convenience shop for those who don't want to traipse over to Sainsburys.

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