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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Good GP Please?
Posted by: John Martin
Date/Time: 22/10/14 19:19:00

I would second Fiona's view of Bedford Park Surgery . My Mrs voted with her feet years ago and moved her and the kids  to the Health Centre where I have since moved. Health Centre is far better resourced[ its got more doctors and back up] and lacked as it was then[she may have moved] the rather grumpy receptionist who spent her breaks smoking fags outside the surgery which was not a great advert for any Practice in my opinion.As for Chiswick Park it is what it is .I thought there was a newsagent in the Station? The coffee shop needs someone to commit to it like the one near the Murco Station or indeed the new Tamp one on Devonshire Rd . It probably needs a realistic rent too something not always obtainable in W4

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