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Topic: Re:Good GP Please?
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 21/10/14 18:53:00

Hi Tony, welcome to Chiswick.I akso live in the same area as you but my GP is in Grove Park.I have nothing but praise for my surgery.The doctors go out of their way to ensure I get all the treatment I need and their bedside manners are terrific. You will not find better receptionists than the 2 Dawns,Chrissy and Mary who handle front of house, they're absolutely brilliant.You can either phone for an appointment, or go on line to book yourself in.I can usually get an appointment the next day, or if it is urgent, they will usually fit me in at the end of surgery the same day.I have found some comments on here previously saying this surgery was a bad one, andI expect some people may post on your thread that my surgery Iis not very good, but I think the doctors and staff at the Grove Park Terrace surgery arr some of the best around.Unfortunately I see a lot more of the staff and doctors than most people will see, and I dare say I'm a bit of a pain as far as they are concerned but I am an insulin dependant diabetic.I also have end stage kidney failure and I am on the transplant list so i probably see far more of my doctor than other people do.

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