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Topic: Re:Re:Tall buildings in Chiswick
Posted by: Francis Rowe
Date/Time: 22/10/14 09:43:00

Although Eric is technically right in that the Gateway Tower on Chiswick Roundabout would 'only' be half the size of the Shard obsessing about Wikipedia lists of relative building heights somewhat misses the point here.

A big problem with developments like this is that people only become truly aware of the scale of the buildings when the structure is put up. CABE have suggested that independently produced visualisations of tall buildings should be made available to the public particularly as there are currently plans for 230 towers of more than 20 storeys in London. How important this would be is demonstrated by Lend Lease's rather underhand behaviour in the presentation of their plans for Chiswick High Road. The artist's drawings carefully avoided any view which would show the impact of the second tower on views from Turnham Green and that was for a building that was seven stories tall.

For now perhaps the best way to visualise what the impact of Gateway Tower would be is to think in terms of Trellick Tower (the Goldfinger building which dominates the skyline of West London) being transferred to Chiswick Roundabout and then being half as tall again.

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