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Posted by: Kevin Tanner
Date/Time: 17/10/14 15:31:00

Trudie, it's really easy to connect the Humax box:

1. Move the aerial lead going into your TV to the 'ANTENNA IN' socket at the back of the Humax.

2. Run an HDMI lead (should be one with the Humax) from the HDMI socket on the back of the Humax to the HDMI socket on the back of your TV marked HDMI 1, HDMI 2 or HDMI 3.
(In the unlikely event that your TV does not have an HDMI socket you will need a SCART cable to link them).

3. Make sure TV and Humax are plugged in and switched on.

4. Your TV may need to find the signal from the Humax, so on your TV remote control find and press the 'AV' button (on the Sony remote in the photo the 'AV' button is the round button with the 'arrow in screen' marking directly below the small blue rectangular button on the right towards the top).  Some TVs find the AV signal automatically, otherwise you may have to press the 'AV' button.

5. The TV screen should show a list of TV inputs from which you can select the one your Humax is connected to, e.g. 'HDMI 1'.  The Humax should start collecting channels automatically, but if it doesn't go to 'Settings' and select re-tune.

6. Make sure that the Humax and TV are set to give you the best high definition picture quality, usually 1080p (this is the number of lines, standard definition being 576i).

7. Enjoy watching (and recording) programmes in HD on channels 101 to 107!

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