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Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 15/10/14 16:30:00

I tried a charity shop and a clothes shop - both with black sacks outside.  The first said that "they" hadn't collected it and the the second said that they thought it came from the business premises that was being refurbished next to them.  It was a bit of a research project and it was several months ago during the summer.

I also thought that it was a good idea where another Council had a Report It section on their website where you could report spots where there were regular fly-tips as well as just reporting the random fly-tips that unfortunately occur.

There should be Council employees or sub-contractors doing this!  If LBH don't have any then perhaps they could co-opt some from another WLWA borough since they meet together and work together.

So what actually were the arrangements for waste and recycling put forward in the planning application for the NEWBUILD that is Metro Bank??


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