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Topic: one wife or two...?
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 14/10/14 16:21:00

After a quick chat with perfectly wonderful and incredibly lovely wife - we've decided to get another one.....  to keep her company when I'm watching TV.  So I want some advice from the experts out there before we start the process.

As a twosome we're completely new to threesomes, so we're both feeling a bit nervous.  However we both reckon another wife would be a lovely addition to our family.   

Although (we're told) it's a good idea, we're too late to get this extra wife from the same litter as Wife One.  They've all been taken alas.

So, word on the W4 grapevine is that we should try Whorse Rescue Wives.  But they don't come up under Google, so I must be spelling it wrong..

thoughts appreciated.

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