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Topic: Re:Re:CPZ Questionnaire
Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 11/10/14 10:47:00


Really I would not rely on anyone at LBH sending you copies of the questionnaire or answering your queries. By the time they get around to that October 24th will have come and gone and it will be too late. They are absolutely not interested in helping the democratic process here, they have reluctantly been forced into it but will certainly do nothing to support it.

We are on our own.

If you have access to a copier / printer, then please run a few copies for your neighbours.

Also, the questionnaire is going to confuse the hell out of most people. It says things like "if you think a CPZ would be beneficial for your road" and "Are you in favour of your road becoming a CPZ?".

LBH Traffic did not intend for this questionnaire to go to any residents outside the proposed CPZ extension area which is why the questions are only about a CPZ in "your road".

So if you don't want a CPZ, just tick the boxes "NO" where asked, and write a comment on the other side.

Unfortunately, LBH have decided this time that they will NOT respond individually to all submissions / objections. They learned their lesson last time when they promised to but then didn't bother. At least this time they are telling us up front that they won't respond. But we will press them hard for the exact numbers of "yes" and "no" votes, we will not let them off the hook.

So please do what you can to inform your neighbours and ask them to complete the questionnaire. If we don't let LBH know our views they will simply assume everyone is happy with a CPZ and that will be that. If we do nothing, we cannot complain afterwards.

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