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Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 11/10/14 07:50:00

Please note

Currently, ONLY those residents living in the roads planned for the CPZ extension have been sent the questionnaire, along with a handy freepost envelope. Given that some residents in these roads have petitioned for a CPZ to address the displacement from Park & Staveley Roads, LBH figured that they are likely to return a majority "yes please" response to a CPZ.

However, LBH knows that the vast majority of residents across Grove Park are still against CPZ, so they are making it as difficult as possible for all other roads to respond. They are not sending them the questionnaire (you have to find it yourself) and they are not paying for your postage (you have to post it yourself). And they are rushing it through as fast as possible, hopefully before most GP residents are even aware that they are allowed to give their opinion.

So for all of you out there (94% at the last count) who are against an area wide CPZ in Grove Park, and for those others of you who would just like to give LBH Traffic Department a bloody nose for the way they are trying to sneak this in without anyone noticing, PLEASE download the questionnaire, and write your views clearly on it, and post it to the address given above.

And if you are one of the 6% of GP residents who do want a CPZ, please fill in the form. All views are important - that is the point.

Unfortunately, outside the petitioned roads, we have to do our own communications, LBH are not going to help us. So please let your neighbours know about it. Print off a couple of spare forms and put them through your neighbours' doors. LBH are trying to stifle any democratic process here by excluding the vast majority of residents from the consultation process, please let's not let them get away with it, the slimeballs.

Thanks to all of you who help with this. And remember, the Traffic Department will simply bin any responses received after October 24th, so we have hardly any time to get this out into the wider community...

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