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Topic: Disappointing acoustics at local Crematorium Chapels.
Posted by: Jim Lawes
Date/Time: 07/10/14 21:34:00

Mourners sometimes travel many many miles to attend funeral services at Mortlake and Hanworth. Good acoustics enable officiants to be heard clearly, and those family and friends giving eulogies too.

So often in recent times the acoustics have been appalling when I have attended such precious and emotive events. Do those professionals reading from the scriptures or family notes not realise their poor sound quality? I think they need to pull their socks up and pay attention to these matters.

We often learn so much about the deceased when their life story is uttered at funerals.
We miss all that when the mic , speaker units and/or  acoustics are poor.

The Mortlake Chapel is elegant but cavernous. There's a lot of echo. Are proper speakers fitted?  We had only 25 or so mourners present yesterday and several remarked that at times 'they couldn't hear a word'. Sky TV are just down the road and could surely be asked for their advice.  In the case of the Hanworth Road Crematorium.
that on occasions has been a joke.

I will be visiting both Mortlake and Hanworth Road to complain. Any views?.

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