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Topic: Re:Re:Re:street Led lights again
Posted by: Russell Pearson
Date/Time: 03/10/14 09:11:00

My experience is that they will respond in part to a lot of pressure and they plan to move the light shining into windows on St Mary's Grove and Whitehall Park Road for example.

This still doesn't address the major issue to my mind, namely what sort of ecological damage are these lights doing and what sort of health risks do they pose. On the latter, I know that most people are very sceptical about risks from anything as prosaic as a street light. They may therefore wish to read a recent publication from the University of Haifa:

"Light Pollution as  a New Risk Factor for Human Breast and Prostate Cancers"

The publication specifically cites the sorts of lights we are having installed in Chiswick as a higher risk factor:

"Public policy makers should also be convinced to curb the wide scale introduction of short wave length illumination, which is potentially the most dangerous component of light pollution."

"In particular, we should refrain from using short wavelength light sources, aggressively brought into our private and public domains in the name of ‘‘energy saving. Although such illumination sources can save energy, their adverse health effects, in the long run, can greatly outweigh, in our view, any energy saving benefits such light sources can potentially bring today and tomorrow."

"The recently discovered Non-Image-Forming Photoreceptors (NIFPs) and the photopigment melanopsin allows our body to regulate our circadian rhythms via the exposure to light. The sensitivity curve for this type of exposure has a peak in the blue part of the electromagnetic spectrum, around 460–480 nm. This difference in sensitivity implies that the emission spectrum of a bulb can make a big difference in circadian disruption, even if the measured light quantities expressed in photometric units (e.g. lumen, lux) are the same."

"It is shown that a cool-white LED suppresses melatonin production more than five times compared to standard High Pressure Sodium bulb, and about 20 times more than an orange Low Pressure Sodium bulb. For these differences, it is fundamental that the studies on the effects of light on life take into account the spectra of the bulbs used."

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