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Topic: Re:Re:Re:::Tackling Hounslow Council
Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 29/09/14 14:29:00

“As you really ought to know, MPs have no official power to make local councils do their job properly - all they can do is make representations. Do you have reason to believe that Mary Macleod has not done so ?”

Richard, I am not talking about ‘official power’ – I am talking about the will and tenacity of an MP to assist her constituents. Do have reason to believe that Mary has exhausted all channels? 

If so, you seem to be implying that it is pointless to have an MP of one political party if the Council within its constituency is controlled by another party.

Whilst I was never a fan of Ann Keen, and I believe the expenses scandal surrounding her to be abhorrent,  she did at least have the will and the energy to tackle our Council on issues which effected her constituents. She had no fear of hauling the Environment Director and other senior officers, together with residents, into Westminster to answer to the Secretary of State for Environment,  to (attempt) to  explain themselves and their lethargy / lack of effective action. Residents were able to contribute and indeed watch ‘tiger woman’  in action and speaking up for residents whilst openly criticising Council Officers, taking them to task and holding them fully accountable.

And…interestingly for a politician …. No photoshoots or PR.  Just an MP doing her job!!  

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