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Topic: Re:::Tackling Hounslow Council
Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 28/09/14 22:33:00

Oh dear. John Todd appears to have missed the point again and doesn't seem to grasp the fact that I am on his side.

I'll spell it out for him. It is a fact that the Council is controlled by the Labour Party and their massive majority renders the Conservatives ineffective, as implied by the originator of this thread.

It is also a fact that the MP responsible for Chiswick is a Conservative yet she has been unable or disinterested in making any meaningful change as far as the environment, rubbish collecting, street cleaning etc is concerned.

It is also a fact that she won the seat because the previous MP was so unpopular because of the expenses scandal.

Unless the Tory Group can convince the current MP to face up to the problems and tackle the Council Chief Executive, there is no hope for her.

Setting up a working party is too little too late and will achieve nothing. It's quite silly really and a total waste of time.

These issues need to be dealt with at the top instead of pussy footing around at low level.. Residents are quite sick and tired of all talk and no action.

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