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Posted by: Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 26/09/14 22:39:00

Tucked right at the back of the 328 pages of meeting papers considered by the LBH Audit Committee at last Mondays meeting is a report on the performance of the Borough's Counter Fraud Team.

In the first four months of the financial year the Team has identified £426,417 of benefit fraud (arising from 20 so called outcomes). In five other cases not directly involving benefits outcomes included property recovered and the right to buy discount removed.

In December 2013 the Chancellor announced the launch of the new Single Fraud Investigation Service (SFIS). This is  a partnership between the DWP, HMRC and Local Authorities covering the totality of welfare benefit fraud.

The phased implementation of SFIS begins in October 2014. Staff will be transferred into the new service from Hounslow's Counter Fraud Team but LBH has decided to maintain the same in-house resource and target their work on non-housing benefit fraud.

Chiswick's Conservative Councillors support this move and in the past have regularly called for more resource to be put into this area.
A fraud risk profile document covering all the Council's activities is now being prepared as previously recommended by the Conservative members of The LBH Audit Committee. This will facilitate an holistic and strategic understanding of the types of fraud that can occur and where specialist investigatory resources need to be directed.

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