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Topic: End of the World ?
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 19/09/14 09:55:00

Interesting little shower in the early hours this morning.I was woken long before the rumbles of thunder arrived by my Border Collie, Alfie, standing on the edge of the bed, panting into my face, as if he had an inkling of what was about to happen.Alfie, like most dogs dislikes thunder immensley, but he was definitely more distressed than usual.The storm progressed and the dog got more and more aggitated, trying to hide in spaces that just didn't exist.I tried to calm him, but he was having none of it.Then the lightning struck.There was a brilliant flash of lightning accompanied by a crack and a huge explosion.Something very closeby had been struck by lightening. I have never experienced anything like this.The whole place shook and I could smell the ozone in the air.Did anyone else in the Gunnersbury area experience this, or know where the lightening struck ? After that one strike, the dog seemed to settle down as if he knew the worst was over

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