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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Automated External Defibrillator Location
Posted by: James Holmes-Siedle
Date/Time: 18/09/14 09:45:00


You are assuming;
a) the machine is in an accessible location - easy to get to
b) the location is unlocked (and a clean cabinet)
c) the battery is checked regularly (monthly)
d) the machine is checked regularly (weekly)

that is really what they are checking - the rest is, as you say, semi-automatic.

Defib is only one of the solutions - and there is training to check that you are able to spot when it is needed (modern defibs will tell you when they are not - but will not tell you to clear an airway!

So quite a bit goes around the whole operation and they want to know that when they put your location on a map that it will have a functioning well maintained defib.


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