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Topic: Power Cuts this Winter
Posted by: Joy Skinner
Date/Time: 05/09/14 13:40:00

It has just been announced that two of Britain’s nuclear power stations are to be closed down for extensive repairs. This means, we have been warned, that as winter weather approaches, the grid will probably be unable to supply us with enough electricity so that we may have to suffer power-cuts when the weather worsens. Perhaps expecting this, the Mayor of London, earlier this year, called on us all to try and make London as self-sufficient in energy as possible.

Ironically enough we may find ourselves having to take down our solar PV panels at just about the same time (see our Petition asking the Council to let us keep the panels at solar change heron house)! Our solar PV panels face the blank brick wall of Fullers Brewery in Chiswick Lane South, in what can only be described as the industrial sector of the Old Chiswick Conservation Area.

The street was described by a former Chairman (Jeremy Benson) of The Old Chiswick Protection Society as ‘an enclave’ of Fullers Brewery. As a result it is not allowed to have the attractive street lighting that adorns Chiswick Mall. Last Saturday the street was closed off with Hounslow Highway's barriers blocking the way. It was Fuller’s Open Day, which is lots of fun for everyone. But neither Fullers nor the Council felt there was any need to discuss this with us, despite our property fronting about half its length, because the street seems to be generally assumed to be just part of Fullers Brewery.

Of course, we would have agreed to the closure had we been consulted. But I am baffled by the attitude of the Council and the OCPS. It seems that they have no objections to the ugly Fullers chimney, floodlit at night, nor to heavy industrial lorries thundering up the street. These huge HGVs often park in Residents Parking bays and sometimes even stay overnight, starting up noisily at 5.30 in the morning. All this takes place in a so-called Conservation Area. Then the Council claims that, because our house is in the same area, the sight of our solar panels “harms the quality of life of this and future generations”! This is the reason they give for demanding their removal.
In fact the panels could be taken down at any time with no permanent damage being caused to the modern brick wall behind, should the situation change in the future and we no longer need to worry abut energy security.  But in the meanwhile the panels can play a small but valuable part in supporting the declared policy of both the Mayor and the Government to reduce emissions and strengthen the nation’s energy security. 

If you think the treatment we have received from the Council is irrational and counter-productive in the light of impending power cuts, please sign our Petition asking the Council not to enforce the order they have made for the removal of the panels.

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