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Topic: Re:Only in America ...
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 27/08/14 19:39:00

Completely ridiculous. The Uzi was a snub nose gun, and with such a short barrel, and firing 600 rounds of 9mm ammunition a minute, completely uncontrollable, even by someone like me, 6 feet 2 and 17 stone, let alone a frail 9 year old girl.This gun is not known as a "pray and spray" for nothing.As soon as you squeeze the trigger the muzzle is forced upwards and either to the left or right, depends which hand you are holding it in.The instructor on the range was ex special forces and would have known about the 'muzzle creep'so why was he standing where he was.Could almost be looked at like a suicide.The poor girl will be traumatised for a very long time by this incident.What on earth were her parents thinking of letting her handle a firearm like this ? Unfortunately, the US are very lax with their firearms law, and sadly, their firearms safety regime is even slacker