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Topic: Re:Conservation inc P&T
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 23/08/14 15:53:00

I emailed Sean Doran and had a very nice response back, here is some of it:-

I have attached an updated map for you, hot off the press, which will be published more widely if or when the area is confirmed, which I hope explains the boundary. If it is confirmed the designation is immediate. To be clear, the Council is not suggesting that every single building included is of the best quality, but most are and it would be impractical to say, for example, exclude the Police Station when any theoretical eventual redevelopment could be better designed and less impactful on those key buildings around it due to conservation area designation.

There is only one type of conservation area, although we can add extra area specific restrictions, called Article 4 Directions at a later date.

The main implications are as follows:

(1) Planning Permission will now be required for the demolition of all unlisted buildings (other than excepted buildings) in the area;
(2) Planning applications for development which would in the opinion of the local planning authority affect the character or appearance of the conservation area must be given publicity and representations received as a result of the publicity must be taken into account in determining such applications;
Under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) conservation areas are designated heritage assets and their conservation is to be given great weight in planning and conservation area consent decision.
(3) It becomes an offence subject to certain exceptions to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or wilfully destroy any tree in the area except with the consent of the local planning authority through a six week prior notification process;
(4) The local planning authority are now under a duty to formulate and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement of the area;

(5)Permitted development rights under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (as amended) are more restricted than in other areas;
(6) Specific statutory duties are imposed on telecommunications operators; and
(7) Advertisements in a Conservation Area may also be controlled by the Local Planning Authority to avoid detraction from the appearance of the area.

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