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Posted by: Brian Coyle
Date/Time: 23/08/14 15:33:00

To all those interested, this is how the system seems to 'work', and how the Police respond to crimes of this nature:

Claudia Jachtmann said (26.03.10):
"Sgt Ben Clark has recently said he was doing another forum question time shortly (not seen any date announced myself), so whowever is around could pose the question then".

His response was:† 
Iíll save the time - I have not yet forwarded a date, but it wont be for a few weeks yet, so Iíd better try and give some form of response to this issue here and now.

Iím on a flying visit, so wonít be able to be drawn too much. Likewise, I am not the investigating officer for this matter, so wonít be able to go into specifics about this individual case.

That said, I think it should be noted that the police caution is a legally recognised option when dealing with criminal matters. This has come about as the procedure has been agreed by the Home Office, Police and the Crown Prosecution Service as a proportionate response to some crimes.

When considering how to deal with a case, officers are legally bound to consider a caution as a possible alternative to prosecution.† Factors that would tend to lead to a caution will usually involve all of the following questions:

Is the offender of previous good character?
Has the offender fully admitted the offence?
Is the offence of a minor nature? (and, yes, I understand this can be subjective, but as I say I canít be drawn on specifics)
Have the victimís needs or wishes been considered?
Has a supervising officer looked into the case and agreed a caution is an appropriate response?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then a caution may be considered. In the Met, there are in fact two levels of supervision - both the custody officer and the duty Inspector will both consider the case prior to deciding whether to issue a caution.

One should bear in mind that a caution can be a serious outcome - in can be quoted in future court cases and can be disclosed to employers in certain circumstances.

New legislation means that some cautions can have conditions attached, for example paying compensation, attending drug/alcohol clinics, writing a letter of apology to victims. If these conditions are not met, then charges are instead laid.

I would repeat that I am not giving specifics about this matter, but I am certain that all the questions I outlined above would have been considered prior to issuing such a caution.

Like I say, this is a flying visit, so I regret I cannot respond further, but when the next forum is arranged (probably towards the end of April) I will try and answer any further questions you have to the best of my ability.

Many thanks

I suspect the robbers are still laughing their heads off after this unbelievable nonsense. And where exactly has Sergeant Jackson been for the last 4 years? Certainly nowhere near this Forum - nor anyone else from Chiswick Police Station.

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