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Topic: Re:Re:ATM Machines - Distraction Thefts
Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 23/08/14 05:52:00

If anyone ever gets too close, or talks to you whilst you are using a cash machine, you should instantly assume they are trying to steal your money. Never speak to anyone whilst using a cash machine. A very loud "would you please stand back" does the trick.

But some people will always fall for these scams, that's a sad fact of life. I read this week that some dating websites have been scamming potential lovebirds by putting them together with their "ideal life partner" who then conducts an increasingly romantic email exchange professing their undying love, but then they need money to get a travel visa from their country to come and marry the love of their life, and live happily ever after. And the sums needed keep going up and up.

One woman actually handed over a total of 174,000 before her family finally managed to stop her.

Read about it here, as a warning.

One of the shocked victims said afterwards "When I found out it was a fraud I was absolutely distraught, I cried my eyes out, I felt weak."

The online charmer told her that he owned two huge houses, and he was going to give her one to live in. Oh, and he had just inherited 1.5m from an uncle in Delhi. And she believed every word of it. As you would.

Some people are just determined to hand it over.

And by the way, the bird squirt on the back of someone's jacket is actually a street-follow / pickpocket scam. It's not generally used at ATMs. Standard scam at an ATM is to drop a 5 note on the floor and tap you on the shoulder to ask if you dropped it. They time it precisely so that just as you bend down to pick it up, the second guy swipes your cash as it comes out of the machine. By the time you have stood up again they are both gone.

So people, let's be careful out there.

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