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Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 19/08/14 06:17:00

Unfortunately it won't be quick enough for those student tenants who haven't organised themselves well enough.

When and if they leave stuff behind they are likely to be charged by their landlord for its removal.  It is no longer household waste once they have left - it is commercial waste as landlords are supposed to pay for commercial disposal - so planning ahead and help from parents friends and neighbours is very useful as is a helpful landlord who will have made sure that tenants have some options. Some universities now offer help by involving local charities so that unwanted items can be found homes and reused rather than ending up in the bin. 

Yard sales and jumble trails are another option as are freecycle, streetbank, preloved, gumtree and more.  The charities and their volunteers could probably do more to advertise their services so that our streets don't have end of tenancy clear outs dumped on them by tenants but also managing agents, landlords and builders.

One method won't suit all - you can be flexible and use as many as you like.  Do you know where your local charity shop is as well as your favourite charity shop?  You never know what someone else may be looking for or will buy.

It may also be useful to get together with neighbours to share a service.

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