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Topic: Bulky household waste collections
Posted by: Peter John
Date/Time: 18/08/14 06:17:00

Given how rare it is that anyone, least of all LBH, does anything useful for free, I thought this, from the council's website, was worth publicising:

"Tidy Town bulky waste collection

The Tidy Town bulky waste collection service can be used to remove household waste and large items that are not suitable for the weekly black sack rubbish collection.

Large household items, such as furniture, electrical items and white goods, can be collected from your home. From 1 April 2014 all households in the borough will be eligible for a free bulky waste collection of up to five items twice a year, or up to ten items once a year.

To be eligible for this service, you must be the registered council tax payer and your payment details must match the council tax address.

If you have more items than this or require more collections, these will be charged at 35 per collection of up to five items, and 7 per additional item collected.

To book a bulky waste collection please call 020 8583 2000."

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