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Topic: Parking again
Posted by: Jeff Chalker
Date/Time: 12/08/14 11:32:00

Another appeal to the parking gurus on this forum (who have a 100% record so far). I was driving passengers to the Milestone Hotel in Kensington&Chelsea on the 26th July - the day of the Gaza protest.  All the surrounding roads were closed and traffic was gridlocked.  I eventually decided to park briefly in a suspended bay in Wrights Lane and walk my passengers around to their hotel.  One of them was becoming anxious at the noise and crowds and it seemed best to get them safely inside.  I returned for their luggage to find that a sympathetic Enforcement Officer had just issued a PCN.  I appealed on the grounds of the exceptional circumstances prevailing on the day.  I got a stock response rejecting the appeal and explaining the signage used for suspended bays.  RBKC say I can appeal again once I receive the Notice to Owner and if unsuccessful once more after that to PATAS.  Do the exceptional circumstances provide a grounds for appeal or should I take my medicine?

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