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Topic: Re:Bernie the briber
Posted by: Oliver Gibb
Date/Time: 05/08/14 13:43:00

I'm sure there is a lot more to it. Mercedes/Daimler are not permitted to deal with any person, company or sport that has any links to criminal activities. If Bernard was to be found guilty, Mercedes would be obliged to leave F1. I can only imagine that there is a secret agreement between the German prosecutors, Mercedes, CVC, FIA and Bernard that he has to go very soon. Give it a few weeks and I'm sure we'll hear some kind of retirement talk.

F1 has really lost it's appeal to me, not just this case but all the dirty deals that have started to permeate the sport.

It is no longer the pinnacle of motor racing. Races in countries with no motor racing heritage or interest, ignoring the tragic human rights abuses in the Middle East and Russia, and giving Super Licenses to substandard/dangerous drivers. Max "Buttplug" Chilton is probably the least deserving driver in the modern F1 era. He never achieved anything in his previous formulas, has always had his daddy pay for his seat by part owning the team and continues to plug the arse of the F1 field. His career best F1 result is 14th/last, is always lapped at least once(sometimes lapped three times without mechanical issues).

Soon F1 will be nothing more than Arab and Russian billionaire's children racing.

Maldonado has repeatedly used his car as a weapon by intentionally crashing into drivers that have upset his fragile ego.

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