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Posted by: Iftikhar Ahmad
Date/Time: 03/08/14 12:40:00

We live in a shrunken world and millions of people are on the move; one of our biggest challenges is how we learn to live in proximity to difference – different skin colours, different beliefs and different way of life. According to a study by COMPASS, Muslims born and educated were given the impression of outsiders. The perception among Muslims is that they are unwelcome in Britain is undermining efforts to help them integrate into wider society. Most of them say that they have experienced race discrimination and religious prejudice. Muslims and Islam is promoted a fundamentalist and separatist by the western elite, which have negative impact on community and social cohesion. The number of racist incidents occurring in London Borough of Redbridge’s schools have reached their highest levels since record begin.

You can dismantle eight stereotypes about immigration with just a few statistics, according to the Migration Policy Research. In its latest report on the perception of foreigners in Europe, it weeds out some of the popular myths held by Europeans, including that ‘Europe doesn’t need immigrants’. This is impossible, rebuts the institute, arguing that if there was no migration between 2010 and 2030, not only would Europe lose 33 million people of working age (11%) but the population aged 20 to 30 would be reduced by 25%. Another false belief is that ‘foreigners take our jobs’. This isn’t true, the experts say, because for every 1% of the immigrant work force, the average earnings of the population are reduced by less than 0.1%. Furthermore, the job markets for immigrants and natives are often separate and aren’t in competition with each other. Many people also think that the presence of immigrant children in the classroom damages the performance of their children. They couldn’t be more wrong, the researchers state. According to the PISA data, bad school reports are generally related to socio-economic conditions and personal problems.

Four Asian doctors, also acquaintances, are absolutely disenchanted with their institutions, which expect much from them and yet treat them as genetically inferior to their white colleagues. And they are embittered too about the way immigrants are demonised. They have all applied to go either to Canada or the US. Black and Asian academics too have moved to countries where they will be better appreciated.

It is all getting worse again. Discrimination is everywhere from education to employment. Once upon a time we had anti-racist collectives, big hitters such as Darcus Howe, Bernie Grant and Suresh Grover of the Monitoring Group, and white allies such as Ken Livingstone and the Tory MP Peter Bottomley. We still have the gutsy Diane Abbott and persistent Doreen Lawrence taking on racists, but there is no movement, no phalanx to fight back against unfairness and injustice. Black and Asian people are choosing silence, acquiescence or escape, and most white people think racism is just so over – or that it is justified. The British Attitudes Survey shows attitudes towards migrants and minorities have hardened.

Would people be against "Muslims"if they were white?the enemy of this country is the "establishment",let's not fall into the trap of turning on the weak,is like Hitler our greatest writer said (Voltaire)I might not agree with what you say and believe in but I believe in your right to say and believe it.that's what sets the British apart,we always try to welcome diversity. If you discriminate against children who wish to attend a faith school? Surely acceptance of other faiths is tolerance. A community does not become "divided up and we learn to fear each other" as a consequence of opening a "faith school" - there are plenty of xenophobes posting here who have learned (and promoted) fear, in the absence of the as-yet-unopened Madani Academy. Perhaps the most phobia-promoting divisive place is "wherever bigots hang out together".


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