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Topic: New Free The Wellbeing Course starting May 2023
Posted by: Katy Willis
Date/Time: 28/03/23 12:32:00

Hi, my name’s Katy. I work as a GP and as a positive psychology coach, and have run several wellbeing courses with great feedback**. I’ve designed a 6 session wellbeing course to look at practical things that increase health and happiness:

RELAX • effective steps to switch off the stress response and switch on relaxation

EAT • healthy tips to help you get to where you want to with your eating

MOVE • incorporate moving more into your day

SLEEP • improve your wellbeing and immune system through better sleep

CONNECT • with yourself, and outside self: with others, nature and purpose

Format: relaxed, fun and informal, with a mix of video, discussion and reflection

Will it make a difference?: Previous course participants say yes!**

Interested? Ask questions:

Sign up: Eventbrite

Put a Spring in your step!


*venue: St Alban’s Church, South Parade, London W4 5LG. Big building with plenty of ventilation and room for social distancing.

**Feedback from previous courses:

”An amazing course, very enjoyable.” “Inspiring, thought-provoking”

“gave me some smart small steps to take” “v useful and effective” “changed my mindset to positive”

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