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Topic: ATM Scam
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Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 03/09/22 00:24:00

I was scammed at an ATM on Friday afternoon, near Hayes Ė Iím living with a friend on a temporary basis. Whilst I know I was scammed, I donít know how the scam was pulled off, so I wondered if anyone on here would have any idea if I describe what happened:

The ATM is outside a supermarket. I pulled up on my bicycle from the right hand side, so I was facing right towards the ATM, still on my cycle, which formed a bit of a barrier. I put my card into the card slot, which is on the R/H side of the machine, and entered my card details. I pushed the button requesting £200 but no money was dispensed and I never saw my card again. During this process, perhaps starting after entering my PIN (Iím not sure exactly when), a man approached me from my left, saying that the machine isnít working and that I need to press particular buttons for my card to be returned. I kept telling him that I didnít need his help, but he kept returning saying the same. I reached the point where it was clear that I was neither getting any money or the return of my card. The guy said, again, that I need to press two buttons for the return of my card (approx. top left followed by btm right button), which this time I did. Nothing happened and the guy sloped off, seemingly quite content. Two women close by started shouting, saying itís a scam and that the guy is waiting around the corner, and it was becoming increasingly clear that it was, indeed, a scam. I tried to phone my bank from the ATM to get the card cancelled but I was unable to get through. I also spoke to a security person inside the supermarket to see if they could help but they said they couldnít, so I decided to cycle home as quickly as I could and phone my bank from there, and with all the required security info. The cycle ride took approximately 15 mins, but 30 mins or more may have passed from the incident to me logging on to my online banking, by which time nearly £500 had been debited from the card at different venues, £2k pending and, I believe, another £1k, which the bank rejected.†

Any ideas, anyone, how this scam works? Itís possible that the machine returned the card but an accomplice took it while I was being distracted to my left but, if this was the case, why wasnít any cash dispensed? And why did this guy want the two buttons on the machine pressed? My attempted withdrawal of £200 didnít show up on my online banking statement. Fortunately, my bank has been very good so far and refunded me my losses, although I understand that their fraud team will be in touch soon for more information.

In any event, I donít think itís a good idea to use ATMs, which are outside. I think Iíll travel the extra in future and withdraw only from inside a bank.

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