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Topic: Re:Recycling at Flagg Road
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 12/06/21 16:17:00

I think you mean Space Waye - or do you have to take hazardous materials or vans and trailers to another part of the site or something? Remember that Business Waste is chargeable whereas Household Waste isn't (as it's included in Council Tax).

Do you now have to list all materials if you are a resident - or is it just the hazardous waste - or is it business waste?

Hard plastic is as you say listed on the Space Waye site as accepted materials - as is the garden chemicals.

On the West London Waste site it has this general list on the introduction page:

"All waste and recycling must be pre- sorted before arrival at the site. E.g. plasterboard, garden waste, cardboard, plastics, metals etc. The site have the right to carry out visual inspections and to deny site entries and usage."

That doesn't mention paint and garden chemicals and fluorescent tubes - which is pretty critical as they are definitely hazardous waste.

From what you are saying does the next bit of the booking actually list stuff for you to tick against. Is it just hazardous stuff?

Try for more answers!

It's a new booking system. Anybody else got a take on this?

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