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Topic: Black Lives Matter peaceful socially distanced protest- Ealing Common 12thJuly
Posted by: Anil Patel
Date/Time: 10/07/20 18:39:00

I would like to invite you and anyone who is local to the next Socially Distanced Peaceful Protest.
Looking for anyone who has contacts with yoga instructors, therapists, drummers and BIPOC small businesses that would like to promote or sell wares at the next BLM protest. We want to create a healing circle for any trauma triggered and a yoga circle. Here are the details:…

Please feel free to share the photos and videos of the last Protest:…/2e527t…/AAD1PsgJ8XsC-UECC2m26-1-a…

Looking also for musicians and anyone who wants to share their experiences around BLM and discrimination.


Contact for more information

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