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Topic: Acton is inhabited by Total FornicationWits.
Posted by: Rosco White
Date/Time: 23/03/20 19:38:00

This Virus is going to EXPLODE in the towns & cities, as we all fear and in our heart of hearts now know for sure.

I deliberately haven't left the house for 6 days now (I am well) and only just popped out quickly to get a few essentials at a certain supermarket in Acton High Streeet.

NOTHING has changed, people still in groups, lots walking around and no social distancing whatsoever, all tills working instead of every second one, supermarket staff oblivious and everyone carrying on as normal.

You couldn't make it up, to use that most hackneyed of phrases.

I really do despair.

Expect Martial Law by the end of the week IMHO, assuming the right Legislation or whatever is in place by then.

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Acton is inhabited by Total FornicationWits.23/03/20 19:38:00 Rosco White
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