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Topic: Heathrow flightpaths - last chance to object!
Posted by: David Marshall
Date/Time: 13/09/19 21:28:00

Last chance to complain about proposed changes to Heathrow flightpaths is tonight (Friday)! 

Who to email:

What to say: “Heathrow’s plans for new flight paths and additional flights from 2022 would bring unacceptable noise to Acton and elsewhere. Any increase in flight numbers also means more carbon emissions and lower air quality. It would reduce the quality of life in my community and it goes against the UK’s commitment to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality in London I strongly object to ANY change in flightpaths; to ANY loss of respite; to ANY increase in numbers of flights and to ALL plans for expansion – and I make this objection as a formal contribution to the consultation process”.

Remember to include your name and address.

And don't forget this has NOTHING to do with the 3rd runway - they're deliberately trying to confuse people by lumping in the flightpath changes with everything else they're planning.

Don't let them get away with it.

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